Local and Global Marketing and Reputation Management Services

We’re in the era of networked communication. Realising strategic campaigns in such an environment is demanding, but here at Hannes we understand the value of consistent and connected marketing activities to strengthen messages, brands and ultimately reputations. That’s why whatever service we assist your company with, we’re happy to offer additional guidance to benefit all of your channels.

What our clients say…

Working within E.ON’s Inbound Marketing and Digital Analytics department, Keredy stepped in to lead a team of seven on a medium term project to create five strategic documents. She helped to shape the narratives, write and edit the contents and design the page layouts; readers would have varying degrees of knowledge of each discipline so ensuring each document was user-friendly was also a fundamental consideration. We now have in depth and cohesive details of strategies, processes and tactics for people across the business to clearly understand thanks to Keredy’s grasp of marketing, attention to detail and management skills.
Kjetil Vetlejord Head of Digital, E.ON Sweden