A Saint Hannes Cross, symbolising connected communicationsSimply put, the Saint Hannes Cross is the perfect graphic representation of how we view a business’ marketing output; it’s a connected landscape with distinct fields.

We can help your business build a robust reputation through integrated communications.



The story so far…

Black and white headshot of Keredy AndrewsHannes Digital was founded by Keredy Andrews following 15 years of experience in press offices, events management, and most recently integrated PR, SEO and social media campaigns. During that time Keredy worked in the private sector servicing start-ups to global brands, such as Sony Mobile and Jaguar Racing as well as complex organisations in the education, local Government and urban regeneration sectors.

Keredy essentially functions as a freelancer so true flexible working can be maintained for clients of all sizes. Since 2015 she has predominantly found herself engaged by either national and global, big brand names or local SMEs, and in particular a number of Swedish businesses meaning she is experienced in long-distance working. However, thanks to many other talented freelance contacts across various disciplines, a group can come together to serve the needs of larger projects, specialist requests and retainer contracts – think of Hannes Digital like the Avengers, but with more gain than pain!

Contact Keredy for an informal discussion or learn more about our services and where we are located.