Open For Business

Hannes Digital is open for businessI thought it only proper to introduce myself, seeing as yesterday I was ‘Keredy Andrews – wife/mother’ and today I’m ‘Keredy Andrews – managing director/wife/mother’.

It’s a cliché I guess, but I’m rather proud that Hannes Digital is officially open for business. It was a tough decision not returning to the fantastic agency I worked at after my spell of maternity leave, but the challenge was there for the taking and I’ve never shied away from these things. I’ll miss my old colleagues and accounts, but I can’t wait to grow Hannes and its client list into something really impressive.

The skills I’ve gathered over the past fifteen years, from working round the world in Formula 1 to directing integrated campaigns for global brands, such as Sony Mobile, are now ready to be put to good use in the name of ‘my own business’. Having already had a taste of it with the handful of clients I have been helping prior to Hannes’ launch, a new level of fulfilment and job satisfaction awaits that will surely only be second to my other baby… the one I gave birth to a year ago!

While Hannes’ stall is currently set out to showcase the very best of my talents – writing, SEO, PR and social media – I’ve already had enquiries for logo design and website creation, so who knows what exciting projects I’ll have worked on by the end of 2015. If you’re reading this and looking for a fresh pair of eyes, an enthusiastic pair of hands and a tired pair of legs (you’ll know what I mean if you have a moving baby!) for your business and its marketing efforts, well then, I look forward to hearing from you pretty soon. Oh, and if you feel like being social, click those buttons at the top of the page or share this post with the ones below.