Ten New Dictionary Words In Context

I always look forward to hearing news about the latest additions to the dictionary – I want to know, do I already use any of them, would I use one in a client’s work or most importantly does it deserve a “WTF” shout out? I wonder if WTF is in the dictionary?

I’ve chosen ten terms that entered OxfordDictionaries.com in August, so even if I never use them again, I can say I once wrote them in context…



– Bartholomew, Hugo, Jinty and I had really top bants last night, Papa. We went down to the river and had chai tea lattes at that little delightful bistro.



– That’s your party of 12 all booked in for next week then, Mrs Naïve, and of course you can bring a birthday cake. You’ll already be paying over the odds for a three course meal and weak cocktails, but there will be a cakeage I’m afraid. Yes a charge, because we’re just that type of money grabbing restaurant, madam.

New words - cat café - a funny cartoon


Cat café

– Do you want to come to the new cat café with me on Saturday?

– Only if you don’t want my respect.








– Yes, we’re a cupcakery. Yes, that’s right. Yes, we ride on bandwagons.



– Don’t get hangry now, Nina, dinner won’t be long. (She really does get hangry, don’t you Nina?)



– Did you see Dave manspreading in that meeting? I was squished up in the corner and I’m sure he was doing it just to touch my knee. Urgh.



South Park nailed it, I can’t say it better…


New words - rando - a funny cartoon



– Urmahgerd. Did you see that guy smiling? Who smiles on the tube? What a rando.









– You’re right, this blog post is pretty snackable.


Weak sauce

– That own brand ketchup is shite.

– Yea, it’s weak sauce, man. I mean, it’s literally it’s… oh.