Media Relations Services

While PR may have fallen out of fashion in recent years, online media relations is now back at the very heart of any smart marketing strategy. It affects visibility in search engines, social media tactics, blog content and other marketing collateral.

Hannes Digital prides itself on offering guidance on this interconnectivity, even if we’re only employed to draft a one off news release. We’re in the business of strengthening brands and reputations so that requires connected communications.

A media relations service doesn’t just mean writing and distributing a news release to a list of publications these days, and targets aren’t restricted to the press. We might tweet with a few popular bloggers, liaise with a partner or retailer’s comms team or jump on the phone to a specific reporter if a related news story has broken that morning. Hannes will identify the targets seen as most valuable to your business, create a story that will carry weight with your customers or clients and bridge the gap in the most effective manner.

Of course, we can still act as a traditional press office on an ongoing basis or work with you on a set term print media campaign – we just like to be flexible because every business and its needs are different.

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Targets may include:

  • Mainstream media
  • Online only publications
  • Niche bloggers
  • Social media influencers
  • Partner and affiliate sites

Campaign examples:

  • Product focus pieces
  • Reactive news stories
  • Expert comment in feature articles
  • Interviews
  • Feature content
  • Survey results
  • Infographic distribution
  • Company announcements and appointments


Hannes also offers creative design services, so should you require product photography or an infographic for media relations purposes, we can assist.