Project Management & Account Direction Services

It’s not uncommon for your workload to explode when you least expect it or for an employee to leave the company when you need them the most. Whatever reason you now need an extra pair of hands we can provide that extra resource for project management or account direction, fast.

Whether it’s to fully manage a large project end-to-end, such as a website build, guide an inexperienced department in creating a strategy or look after the account direction of a client, we will integrate and become part of your team. Should you want us to, and if you’re located nearby, we can sit in your office to work, but we’re used to working remotely and arranging conference calls across the world too.

With in-house and agency experience, as well as being clients ourselves for various services over the years, we’re comfortable in any environment. This understanding of relationships and expectations means we can successfully manage teams and agencies of varying dynamics and abilities to get the most out of them. Moreover, our in-depth knowledge of website, search, PR and social media best practice allows us to get stuck in and add value to the project or account. We’re not interested watching work happen, good or bad, while we sit back and create Gantt charts or tick boxes. If copy needs writing, a graphic needs designing or an informed decision needs making we’ll jump on it and become the final piece in your jigsaw.

Project Management and Account Direction from Hannes

While we work on the basis of an agreed number of days per month, we can usually be flexible. It might mean working half a day this week and three and a half the week after – we get the work done when it needs doing.

Here are a few common services we can provide:

  • End-to-end website development project management
  • Search engine optimisation account direction
  • Website and marketing material copy editing support
  • 12 month forward PR planning
  • Social media strategy leadership