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A search engine is often the first place a consumer or business will turn to when looking for a product or service, and increasingly mobile devices are the convenient tools of choice. Does your website meet current SEO best practice?

Everybody understands how important it is for a ‘digital shop front’ to be visible in search engines. However, there can still be disconnect between how a company prefers to describe its products or services and what terms its audience is searching for. Hannes Digital is here to tread that tightrope on your behalf and find the right words for your business, its customers and what really counts… the bottom line. Also, for many, it’s crucial to be higher than a certain competitor in the search results pages, so understanding what other businesses are optimising for could swiftly open doors to new customers and clients.

Our flexible service means you can appoint us for a one off competitor audit, to write new website copy over a few months or for ongoing support as if we were one of your team. We also develop websites using WordPress software, which offers simple self management after the build. Contact us for a discussion and quote.

Nevertheless, it’s not just about delivering a set service with Hannes – because we think it’s important to have joined up communications, we’ll be sure to offer you a bit of extra advice on how to boost your search engine rankings using other channels.

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Typically, Hannes’ search services comprise: