Social Media Services

Without having a presence on the right networks for your business, regularly posting engaging content and being ready for meaningful interactions, social media activity can be a waste of resources. We can help you adopt an efficient and successful strategy to reach target audiences.

Managing a social page can take an enormous amount of time, from curating videos and creating posts to producing images and preparing responses. It can also be difficult to assess if your efforts are making a difference to sales. Having a Facebook and Twitter page seems to be expected of most businesses these days, but here at Hannes we champion the strategic approach – what are your competitors doing, is your content having the desired effect, and most importantly what resources do you really have to spare?

We can assist with tactical audits and decision making, so that your resources are used in the right areas. We can create calendars of Facebook content ready for you to post, research Twitter influencers for you to proactively message, help create an Instagram hashtag strategy or liaise with other businesses that sell your products… but only if that’s truly beneficial and right for you.

Whether you’re looking for a never-to-be-repeated social stocktake or a continuous content creation relationship, Hannes Digital can help. Plus, because we firmly believe in consistency and connectivity, we’ll always recommend how your social activity can positively affect other areas of your marketing too… it’s just a complimentary element of our social media service.

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Just a few popular social media services:

  • Channel strategy and insight
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Competitor research
  • Re-seller facilitation and partnership liaison